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Originally Posted by BuLoOoSki
Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
By the way, good luck to the aftermarket tuning community.

At 18psi from the factory and the new Bosch ECU's, it will be very difficult to crack. Probably even harder than the new M5/6 which has proved very difficult. Even the best tunes are seeing limp modes. Even throwing on catless downpipes will be met with "torque overlimit" which will cause limp during sustained WOT runs.

In straight line racing, the e9X M3's will have the upper hand for a long time. Let's see how the new M3/4 does at the track.
Can you please explain how the E9X M3 has the upper hand in a straight line given that the F8X M3 is 176lbs lighter, has 111lb ft of torque more, and 11hp more?
I think what he was referring to was how difficult it will be for tuners to crack the new Bosch ECU. In other words the e90 series will have the upper hand with availability of tunes.