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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post

Firstly, as you know, HP wins races. This is why my S/C M3 with only 370 lb ft of torque to the wheels stomps cars making twice as much torque on airstrip events.

And because the S65 can be easily modded to extract HP. A tune + catless exhaust can provide 30-40 HP increase on the S65 motor. Supercharged S65's are making 600+HP with no issues.

It will be extremely hard to extract any additional HP from the new M3/4 without throwing some kind of code. Long gone are the days of buying a $5 resistor from Radio Shack and getting 50 HP from the N54 motor. Just look at the new turbo M5's and M6's with the Bosch ECU's. How long have these cars been out? My friends who bought the first ones and tried the tunes + downpipes are having real problems. BMW is a lot smarter than any of the tuners, and they are putting forth significant measures to prevent the aftermarket world from having their fun.
I was referring to both cars being stock, modding the cars is a different story. Like you said for the E9X M3 you need to add a supercharger system and a exhaust totaling to around $15,000 to make the kind of power you are referring to. And although I agree with you of how it's currently difficult to crack the new ECUs, but trust me it's only a matter of time till the tuners crack them. It was the same thing with the N54s, the initial MSD v80 ECU was easy to crack and like you said you were even able to tune it with resistors, then BMW came with MSD v81 which introduced the whole torque limiting and hidden codes crap, but still tuners found a way around it. Same with the N55 when it came out. What I'm trying to say is that BMW and other car manufacturers will always keep trying to make it difficult for tuners to hack into their ECU, but tuners will in return do their best to crack them to make a living. So putting that issue on a side I honestly see a lot of potential in terms of tuning for the new M3, even more potential than the current M3 just for the fact that later in the future it will be so easy and much more cost effective to do turbo upgrades or even simple bolt-ons.
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