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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
Unfortunately I only have one pic. Haven't had time and it has pretty much rained ever since I picked up.

As for a comparison/review, I've only got a couple miles one it, but I'm obviously very impressed.

The power band seems much wider and more usable than my ZCP car and it feels significantly faster. I'm not sure if the faster feeling is because I haven't had a DCT car or the new CS engine maps which does add 10HP/37TQ. I'm sure a combo of the both. But, every mode from Comfort to Sport Plus is turned up. Sport still didn't feel that fast in my ZCP and I needed to be in Sport+ to get that feeling. Now I get that in Sport and Sport+ is really fun/intense.

The suspension/chassis improvements are impressive as well. I just got a bunch of suspension work done on my ZCP and I was going to switch it over as I loved the feel of it. Now I'm not so sure as I really like how this thing is out of the box in all facets of driving and all modes. The dealer is making it worth my while to not switch it over, but also giving me a very good break on labor if I choose to do so. I'll have to decide soon.

The steering is improved as well, but less noticeable over the other improvements. It has more feel and is even more direct, which is saying something because it always has been very precise on all of the versions.

Over all the car just feels more fun and playful. It does feel a bit lighter as well and looks amazing. I still think the M3 CS is the best looking of the bunch, but I love the look of the M4 CS as well. The hood is awesome and unbelievably light. I had a hard time shutting it and really had to slam it to get it to latch. On the other ones you just have to drop it from a foot or so. That doesn't work on the CS (or GTS I imagine).

As i just said in previous post, I got 25,500 off of sticker (104,500). They can't sell them and they are really willing to deal to get them of the lots. If it was 10k off in mid 90s It would of been a much harder decision to switch over and I'm not sure it would've been worth it then. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that. I know everybody hates hearing it, bit on a two door coupe if I'm near six figures I'm looking hard at a Porsche. But, BMW continues to be the value winner against them in numerous ways.

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