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Will be very interesting to see the E9x vs F8x comparisons, not just in terms of performance stats (where the F8x will be superior) but overall feel and driver connectivity to the road. We're seeing some interesting/unprecedented conclusions on some of the new models vs the prior versions and vis-a-vis the competition (e.g., C&D saying they'd take the old 335i, M5s finishing last vs competition, numerous complaints of feeling less connected w/ the road). Turbo-charging is essentially imposed by restriction/regulation rather than by BMW M's choice, so while we're lucky to still have M-cars going forward, they will be tougher to perfect, particularly with the characteristics of forced induction engines and larger cars (which hopefully will start weighing less).

For those who say the M5 is so much better vs. the old version, think the conclusion would be very different if the DCT had made it into the E60 M5.