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Originally Posted by roadmax View Post
We are talking here a 4 second 0-60 performance, this is Porsche, Ferrari and other "2 seat" exotic car territory.
Will this 4 seat chassis be durable and stable in a long term in combination with the engine, it all sounds like the engine will be faster than chassis, let's wait and see after some time how will this unfold.
As many are saying let's hope there will be no issues.
At the moment it all appears to me that this race is all about numbers on paper.
It's actually 3.9 seconds which will lead me to believe it's faster. Now tweak the car and perhaps In a year or so get tune and we will be looking at perhaps 3.4 to 3.5 seconds. Ferrari? Sure speed wise but a Ferrari is a Ferrari and just can't insult a great car by comparing it to BMW. I hand been saying this all along that a turbo engines capabilities are endless, I just can't wait for this car to get in to my garage.