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Do these belts work with the seats on the F8X cars?

Originally Posted by afadeev View Post
The above is a popular well-articulated, conservative approach.
I have a different tack with HMS's Schroth ASM quick-connect belts for 3 reasons:
1). ASM allows degree of sideways movement in an emergency
2). I care about getting my but well connected to the car so that I can fell what it's doing, and be better positioned to prevent emergencies before they happen. To me, it's a trade-off between pro-active preventative safety, and passive safety.
3). I'm getting older, and am putting additional value on comfort and avoiding needless exhaustion. Being properly (and I would argue safely) tied to my OEM seat keeps my upper body from getting a heavy workout during a DE/autoX weekend. That, in turn, allows my head and my reflexes to keep working better towards the end of the session. Occasionally, I test drive other cars, and bracing yourself with arms and legs when only supported by a 3-point OEM belt is pretty tiring and distracting !

I would not impose the above approach onto others, but it has worked for me for the past 20 years with the following belt system:

See above.