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Originally Posted by barcius13 View Post
Almost always better to buy than lease a car.
Horsefeathers. The issue with leasing is that since so many variables go into the calculation, most buyers can't negotiate from an informed position, get taken somewhere, and end up paying more than they should on a lease.

BMW is actively using its lease program to capture market share, mainly by manipulating MSRP and residual to make lease payments lower than maybe they should be. On the one hand, I say that leasing and financing are two different financial tools, one not being any better or worse than the other, all depending on the individual deal. On the other hand, I'd say that at the moment BMW is doing things that usually make it advantageous to lease. Mercedes also.

In any comparative analysis, you have to assume that you keep the car equivalent lengths of time whether you buy or lease. Buying a CPO car and holding it for 8-10 years is almost always going to be the most economical option.
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