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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
There has been NO OFFICIAL info regarding ED released to any dealers.

Jut a FYI to everyone. I keep reading all these post about people who have been told by their dealers and sales rep about orders etc.. which in fact the only thing we know or have known to this point is that dealers got to spec out LAUNCH cars the way we wanted them and those cars are to start production sometime in April next year.

There is no info on Allocations, ED, Price, "production" colors/options etc.. fingers crossed there will be another color introduced for order on productions models but chances are no.

Just want to clarify this for everyone so there isn't any confusion out there. Any official info we get from BMW I'm sure will be relayed to all of you once we get it by myself or your BMW center of choice.

I would assume ED would start right at the beginning but who knows. Im sure we will all have more info on everything come jan or feb
Would love to know more. I've been to ST a few times for service and what not. Love the service there and want to place an order for an M4 asap.