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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
one thing i'm certainly looking forward to is less visits to the pump with this car over the e90. the specs say 25% reduced fuel consumption which is quite significant considering its going to be quite a bit faster.

so on my e90 i was able to get

8 mpg on a hot lap at the ring

16-18 mpg city driving

20-22 mpg highway

24 mpg on absolute best behavior and more down hills than up.

25% should net me

10 mpg on a lap

20-23 mpg city

25-28 mpg highway

possible to eek out 30 mpg when the stars align and i havent had breakfast?

how does a 335i or 1M do? I guess that would be close to new F82?
Can't really comment on what BMW marketing says, except you'll definitely get better mileage - everywhere except on track. You've got to feed all the ponies you're using (something called BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption), so you're likely to get similar mileage on track as you have before.