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BMW made the dumb decision to go with integrated headrests to appease the weak minded people who think the AMG seats 'look cool'.

By doing that, the screwed everyone who wanted to use OEM seats and still have a 4 point belt and a Hans device.

Now they force you to get either a half cage plus race seats and 6 point harnesses or a BK harness bar plus race seats and harnesses. In either case you aren't able to use the rear seats.

People have come up with other solutions, like reusing the Mini harnesses, but as those aren't built for the F8X they will not pass tech inspection with PCA or BMWCCA which is where most of us run.

It is a serious problem. I've tracked the M4 GTS with stock seats and seat belts and to make a long story short it's just stupid. It is significantly less safe than back in the stone age when I tracked an E46M with quick fit pros...

A stupid, self inflicted problem which ruins the dual nature of the F8X. So disappointing. All to appease the insane.