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Originally Posted by j2dad5389 View Post
Sorry but just the idea of daily driving a race/track car doesn't sound practical to me. I've heard horror stories of how punishing it is on the road. Especially with that front lip splitter coming so close off the ground you're just asking for damage to it (depnding on how shite your roads are). The CS is practical and still fun to drive. Now if you're looking for a dedicated track car that's another story
We haven't talked have we? There's like one other M4 GTS in Austin...

Lol OP you sound like me a while ago. Just for context, the GTS was actually cheaper than the CS when I was looking. I'm using my GTS as a DD right now, and I love it. I hardly scrape my front splitter (but have to back in to parking in fears of parking curbs), and IMO all F8X's are "stiff" cars enough to warrant a nice cruiser/daily/beater. My commute is very short (10 minutes and it's non-existent right now due to COVID), and I don't have a need for back seats (no kids). One other factor for me was that I wanted a car I shouldn't modify, and with exception to potentially switching out for AP Racing Brakes/Apex rims, this comes standard with everything I would have wanted, which keeps my money on paying it off and retaining the value on the car. In addition I know if I got a reg/CS I would have done either Dinan's Sway bar, Ball Joint, and either Ohlin or Dinan's coilover kit ($3k-9k just in parts).

Obviously though my vote is GTS, but you are in the GTS section what do you expect from us