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The GTS doesn't even feel remotely similar to a comp pack car. I haven't driven a CS but the character of the engine is completely different, the GTS really wants to be wound out unlike the F80 Jahre (Dinan stage 3) I had. The car feels light and agile, the damping is exceptional (a bit jiggly under about 25 miles an hour but really settles in when you pick up the pace a little) and the GTS will make you feel cool. There's nothing like having a rear view mirror full of wing and cage to make you feel special. As far as scraping is concerned, just swap out the oe splitter with a fall line splitter from ind (I paid about 500 for it shipped I believe) and you won't have to worry about scraping anymore because you can wear the rep down to nothing and then replace it when there's nothing left. Peace of mind and the car still looks the business.

I have almost 10,000 miles on my GTS and put almost 7,000 miles on my first GTS and have loved every second of it. It doesn't need anything done to it other than be enjoyed but it's such a good platform to make into and absolute animal if you have the modding bug.