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Originally Posted by greb View Post
earlier i had already created a topic for the choice between a m2 cs or m3 cs. That has now changed into a choice for an m3 cs or m4 gts. I drove both, and i have to say that the m4 gts really gives you the feeling of driving a racing car. The m3 has that a bit less natural because of the two extra doors.

Now i am very doubtful about which choice to make. The m4 gts is great, but it's a shame to do a lot of miles with it. Certainly when it comes to the residual value, there are even some for sale in germany well above two hundred thousand euros. The m3 cs is a bit more daily, and i certainly make around 20,000 km every year. There is also a reasonable price difference between the two, the m3 cs is about twenty thousand euros cheaper. But i'm assuming that an m3 cs won't deliver money in the long run, while an m4 gts can.

My emotion says the m4 gts, but my mind says the m3 cs. Problems such as children or decent is not applicable. The only one who goes along is my girlfriend. This moment i have an f80 m3 with bootmod stage 1 and an ipe exhaust, drives super, but i'm a bit bored with my current m3, also because of the red interior. I would like something new...

M4 gts:

m3 cs:
id say do more research

a manual comp pack + mods from all the money you'll save over those other 2 will ultimately make a better car. If done right


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