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There could easily be the option to fuel up with E85 for more power or regular petrol for the standard experience. The car could automatically sense which is being delivered and use the appropriate software. In the world of STi and Evo, E85 can be good for a nice 15-20% power gain over premium gas. The downside is that some areas don't even supply it and while cheaper, E85 requires much more fuel and returns terrible MPG. Having an M3 that automatically knows if you're using E85, 92, 100 octane fuel and changes performance maps could be fantastic. That 420-450hp that we all expect could raise to 500hp with a non-standard fuel. A lot of people will want to do this aftermarket, but just think if this is OEM? happy dance! I think it makes a lot of sense because BMW knows people are thinking tunes even before the car is released.