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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Thought I'd start a new thread about this to cut through pages, but mods can merge if appropriate ...
Thanks very much for posting GrussGott. This is exciting news, and I'm glad we finally have confirmation that we get the Individual selections as genuine Priority One options with reasonable pricing.

Originally Posted by RickMonet View Post
Is Moonstone Metallic worth $1950 over Silverstone Metallic?

I have not seen Moonstone in person - does it have similar blueish hue as Silverstone?
It isn't $1950 addition to the standard $550 metallic paint price. It is instead of. So it's $1400 more than Silverstone. Still steep, but not too outrageous. If you really like one of the four Individual colors, it seems like a worthwhile expenditure. These are sure to be more rarely seen shades as well.
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