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As an enthusiast, I love both Manual and DCT. And the new ZF 8spd gives incredible performance for a conventional automatic.

I currently drive a 135i w/ manual and I love the engagement that it offers and how notchy the gearbox feels. Having said that, I have on order a M235i with the ZF 8spd but have been pondering going to the 6spd almost everyday haha.

It's honestly very tough to decide. I think I'm going to go with the auto, after test driving the M235i dealer demo. The shifts are just viscous and honestly behaves like a DCT when driving on public roads. I can't speak how it compares to an M DCT but I've owned 2 VW's with DSG, so I have experience with dual clutch gearboxes.

Track wise might be a different story but if I'm lucky I'll be able to track this car only 3 times a year, so honestly any benefit that the manual or M DCT offers on the track will be minimal for me.

And yes, besides the faster shifting, the ZF offers 2-3 mpg better than the manual, and yes that's a pro in my book that I'm wagering in my decision. You simply cannot overlook the pro's this transmission offers. And I have launch control if I ever want to emulate 'dropping a clutch' from a dead stop