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F80 Adaptive Suspension vs. Stock Suspension

I'm a noob here, so feel free to correct me, or haze me for sounding a little naive.

I recently traded in my 2013 535i for the 2015 DCT M3 Sedan. I have never been more in love with a car than I am right now. This thing is an 8 year old boys dream come true. Life goal achieve: check.

My question is in regards to the adaptive suspension which my 5-series had, and my M3 does not have. It's the only option my model didn't have (other than the insanely expensive ceramic breaks).

The car grips the road great and rides a lot stiffer than my 535. Can someone help me understand if that's just the feel of the M3 suspension, or if it's because I didn't opt for the adaptive suspension. Can you tell me a little bit about the suspension that came with my car, and what I might be missing out on?

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