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Originally Posted by Grip Addict View Post
So its 1on1 with him in the car?

That is a little better than the normal hot laps where 3 people are jammed in the M3s.

And you have a 2 in 3 chance of being in the back of the M3. I have been lucky and always grab a spot in the front seat.
It depended on the situation/group. My group was small and I waited to drive with him so I got to go with him by myself, most others had at least one other person(another participant) with them and Bill. Bill was the only one to drive when you went with him for those hot laps.

In the lead/follow in the M3/M4 you drove with one other participant(got lucky and got to drive by myself a lot) and an instructor would be the lead car with 2/3 cars behind following and getting some tips by walkie talkie. All drivers got to be the follow car right behind the leader and also bring up the rear, they shuffled us around while driving.