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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
i don't know why people are so obsessed with I6 vs V6...
And okay, I get it... Turbo to go faster and more efficiency, but would thosereally guarentee the true driving feel of a sports car?

Seriously...if it's going to be Turboed with being "faster" in mind, yet it will still be slower than the GTR, i might as well get the GTR which will have less problem + more reliable + more tuning capable + most importantly faster asa "TURBO CAR"

I'm just sayin...after seeing the already success of FR-S and BRZ, I kinda miss the powertrain and drive of older days of M3....what a true sports car used to be
Agree with you..I just don't like this turbo idea..Thats why I sold my 335i for M3.
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