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Originally Posted by SoFlo335
I saw the M4 at Daytona, and I was very impressed. The pictures don't really do much justice to the car. It looks a lot meaner and beefier in person; very wide, well proportioned, aggressive, and Im sure with a nice drop, the stance will be menacing. The color in pictures doesn't do it justice either. I was on the fence about AY, but after seeing it in person, I'm pretty much sold. Its an exotic color, and definitely attracts attention. IMO, its a lot greener than what comes out in the pictures. Its a nice blend of green and gold, and with some tasteful cosmetic mods, the color is going to pop, and the car will be set. Overall, its a car that you have to see in person to fully judge it, its not a very photo friendly car.
It only looked green because it was reflecting green things (grass, trees) around it. There isn't a trace of green in AY.
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