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Originally Posted by aajami
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Huh? What I'm referring to has nothing to do with the aperture (..the darker housing starts about 1" into the housing). If you look at any 4-Series headlight, it has a darker housing.

*shrug* I'm just seeing shadows in the inner recesses of the housing. All of it still looks white and chrome to me. Not smoked/tinted or featuring any dark materials like some of Porsche's optional headlights.

I love you aajami, but you're blind! Here is a picture of my F30 335i headlight. The black plastic housing is easily visible here; the 4-Series headlight has the same design. It is this inner black plastic portion of the housing that gives the F30/32 the 'darker headlight' look (..and this is accomplished because the black reflects off of the 'chrome' in the headlight housing, causing a shadow effect of sorts).
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