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Cool to finally see photos of the engine.

I think BMW needs to tread lightly here. While I am excited to see what the new M3/4 will be capable of, I think BMW may be making a mistake with their engine choice. From the perspective of production and costs, it makes sense for BMW to utilize what is expected to be an updated N55. However, this is not the first time that BMW has utilized a modified version of a 3 series engine to power their M3. The US version of the E36 M3 utilized what was essentially a bored out version of the 2.5L engine that powered the 325. BMW did this to keep production costs down and thus they were able to sell the second generation M3 at a similar price point to the previous E30 M3.

The downside was that the US spec E36 M3 received/receives the title of basically being a modified 3 series and not a true M car. largely due to the fact that the US spec E36 does not have a purely BMW Motorsport derived engine. I have a feeling that if the new M3 has an updated/uprated N55, a lot of the critics will be saying the new M3 is just a souped up 3 series. Especially if the new car comes with a BMW Motorsport massaged standard 3 series engine and not a stand alone M unit.

Which leads me to the point that the 1M was a stroke a genius from the BMW Marketers. The 1M paved the way for what is now the formula for building M cars.

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