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When will the 22" Spinner wheels be available?

IS BMW holding them back in order to make us buy them when they are part of the complete competition package in 2 years?
Additional cost of Spinners?
What colors will they paint the wheels? (please no more: black, grey, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, green). Maybe more beige or pink!!
What will the spinners weigh, and will they change my center of gravity?
What are the Nurburging lap times with the spinners (rotational mass around the corners must shave at least 20 sec. off the lap time)
Will there be an option to light up the Spinners with LEDs (please none of the old Edison bulbs!)? If No LEDs to light the wheel how about some extra illuminated M3/4 badges along the spokes....
Will the spinning motion be controlled by crappy turbos or will they be naturally aspirated?
Will the Spinners be part of the "Smokey Burnout" package?
Might there be a CFRP version of the spinners as an LCI update?
How will they sound when spinning at a stoplight?
Will the Spinners effect the electro-magnetic-Tesla-AC/DC Steering feel?
I heard a rumor that the Spinners will only be touched by one mechanic while being manufactured in a secret facility hidden in a Bavarian mountainside, can they confirm?
Please don't allow the 22" spinners be an option on any other BMW, it would make mine less special and unique.

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