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I saw this car covered with a tarp on May 21st when I visited the BMW facilities. It's right up front when you enter the museum. There was a man in a suit(30ish) guarding it so no one would take a peak under the tarp. I spoke with him a little and asked what it was, he wouldn't say. I then said, "it's the new M3 isn't it"? He just smiled and said he couldn't say anything. He said they were doing a private showing that evening and the official release would be in 2 - 3 months. I'm thinking it'll be released/announced around the Olympics since it's only 3 weeks away. They had the rim showing when I was there too. I was almost positive it was the M3 with that rim, and also the 275 tire. But, as someone mentioned it could be the F32, so who knows. I'm hoping it'll be the new M3. After I did the museum tour and I stopped and talked with him some more, but he wouldn't say anything, only smile after I mentioned the M3.... ???