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Originally Posted by PvsNP View Post
Look at the guy who posted above you. His numbers are very realistic.

My previous car was a E90 335 with N55 engine, and I never got over 18 mpg in city and never above 25 mpg in highway.

It all depends on how you drive. If you drive your car on D1 all the time, your numbers may get better than mine by 2 mpg at most, but that's about it.

These cars are monsters no matter how you look at it and they will suck gas like no other car will. In city driving, don't expect much improvement over the current M3, even if you go with the 25% number BMW quoted, which is very optimistic, you end up with 17.5/25 mpg.

To get 14 mpg in my current car right now, which is the number BMW quotes, I have to drive so boring and never shift above 2k rpm and even then I can barely get 14-14.5 mpg. If I drive in S5 the way its meant to be driven, I don't get more than 11-12 mpg. When I sold my 335 4 years ago, I was shocked how the city mpg between 300 hp N55 and 414 hp S65 was so close. Highway is something else, but that also changes easily if you do a lot of spirited driving.

All in all, the savings is about 40 bucks/month for someone who drives 10-12k miles a year. I'd say this is more important in Europe than it is in U.S.
that's cool, but I personally owned a 1m and had a 135 with the n55 before that. they were manual, not auto.

the gas mileage was very good with both of those cars, and I definitely drove both hard at times (track days etc).

the mileage on my m3 is significantly worse, and like you, I struggle to get 15+ mpg, its more realistically 12-13. I was well over 20 on both other cars in mixed driving.
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