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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
Here's the thing, if the f80 is every-bit as much fun or more than the e90 than ANY mpg gain will be a bonus.
No doubt it will be. I just don't think mileage should be one of the selling points of this car. There will be an improvement, but not as much as everyone claims it to be. There is no way to get 20-22 mpg combined 50/50 in real world conditions. I have never gotten that in my 335.

Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
that's cool, but I personally owned a 1m and had a 135 with the n55 before that. they were manual, not auto.

the gas mileage was very good with both of those cars, and I definitely drove both hard at times (track days etc).

the mileage on my m3 is significantly worse, and like you, I struggle to get 15+ mpg, its more realistically 12-13. I was well over 20 on both other cars in mixed driving.
You are forgetting that both of those cars are much smaller, weigh less (hundreds of pounds).
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