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Interesting pics! So we know it's a in-line six. Not a V6 as a 3/4's version of the ttv8 M5 engine like some claimed. We can see a large air to water intercooler. Also note how we have two "cold lines" coming out of the a2w intercooler - but only one going in! That must mean TWO turbos. Not three. Unless the other air box on the passenger side is for the electric on demand turbo? ???

Also interesting is the two air filter boxes. This car is a RHD(!) werkstestwagen, just look at the windshield wipers. The shock towers have that spider web look of the F10 M5 EDC shock towers have.

I have "heard" BMW have gone with a hybrid marriage of the N54 block(& internals) and used the N55 double vanous head of the N55 - and then worked some M magic on that combo. Perhaps these rumors are true. ? S55 anyone?

I also hear the DCT is all new too for the M3/M4 along with some other drivetrain surprises.