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Yep CanAutM3, that is exactly what I am going for - can't help but notice that whenever they showcase the car in ads this area is blacked out or shot such that a shadow hides the 'raw' metal cans. Not sure if Carl L interpreted my comments to be about the diffuser - love the diffuser, essential piece of kit, but if Carl_L you were indeed referring to the sculpted ridges on the can itself in respect airflow, then I'd have to suspect that extending the diffuser in he right way would achieve a similar if not better result. Have driven race cars/bikes in my distant past but for my daily driver I'd prefer a bit more finish. I pass an 2012 M4 cabrio parked at work everyday and can't hep but focus on the off-color unfinished can hanging out the back - need to get it out of my head and move on!!