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I got a problem. I can't remove the rear brake pad pins, no matter how hard I hit them. I ended up nicking the paint nicely, but they are still so stuck. I'd much appreciate suggestions and advice. PB blaster? I got 5 more days to get it done until a track day.

Edit: PB blaster worked and a "nail setter" made the job much easier and clean. Now I can do these all for in 20 minutes without chipping paint on both side of caliper. (after already ruining 3 of mine lol)

One thing to add, when replacing a worn pad with a new one, there is not enough space as pistons are pushed in along the thinner old pad. It can be simply pushed by using a long screwdriver as a lever (make sure to protect rotor from metal contact of screwdriver).

Lastly, Thank OP for this DIY write up!
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