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Originally Posted by sc_tr0jan_m3 View Post
Done & done. I feel like I've come up with a reasonable offer, however the SA just returned back with my initial counter, saying:

"Unfortunately, Euro Delivery price is set price and there is no incentives available for that program. Would you like to take some options or packaged off to get to where you wanted to be?"

That doesn't quite align to what I've read through the forum... or am I misunderstanding?
my CA always sounds like a broken record, "the deal has to makes sense for us"

1) ED is not as good of a deal like the ole days, now it's reserve for people who value the experience more than value overall.
2) many mfg-to-dealer incentives are void (dealer takes less overall compare to US delivered car)
3) supply is very low, GOLFR says early this week in the US only 30 modifiable(custom configurable) M3s left

on point #2, let's say dealer has "kickback" or "holdback" 2.5% after car is sold on US delivered car, would they forgo that and go with ED deals? No! Customer has to fork out that 2.5% especially there is a buyer ready to sign the deal for that M3 allocation for sure. You compete with time and another customer and dealer knows it.

I'd say get the US delivered car and get ED for another M BMW down the road. Autobahn will still be there in 10 years

BTW, my dealer is willing to do non-M car ED for $500 over ED invoice all day long, but M car ED is different animal.