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Originally Posted by gee-m-w View Post
Ask yourself what would pass the valet test - if a Maserati and an Austin Yellow M3 show up at a high end restaurant or ultra luxury hotel and they can only park one car in front, which would they put on display? It's the Maserati every time.
If you choose your car based on the "valet test", then there surely is better cars than both the Ghibli and M4. But why on earth would you buy a car like the M3/M4 based on such a stupid criteria

If you are in the market for a Bentley Continental GT, a Ferrari California etc, then yes, they are poser cars that scores high on the coveted "valet test" scale... A Ghibli is a heavy (over 1800kg) car that surely is more aimed at luxurious touring than a pure driving experience and tail out track and Nurburgring action!

I would instead ask myself, which car would pass the Nurburgring test?
It would be the M3/M4 every time