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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
You seemed to have missed the part about the "innovative turbo setup". This is exactly what differentiates the S63 from the N63 today (along with more boost, higher redline, etc.). So the same transformation is possible for the N55 to an S55.

Furthermore, in fact, most M engines have been based upon normal series engine. This was not true of the S65 and S85, but before these it was the norm.
Wait until the next leak of info comes out in the next few days (wink).... people will begin doomsday predictions. I keep using the cell phone being the size of a cylinder block and weighing the same analogy but as technology moved on people didn't hold on to them for nostalgia- this will be the same thing when comparing to past M products- so much more efficient, faster and powerful.

This car is going to be revolutionary from an engineering perspective and will blow minds....