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Originally Posted by basscadet View Post
I would be interested in having a technical discussion about what limitations there might be of the S55.

With the small Mitsubishi turbos already wheezing up to 18.9 psi on a stock M3/M4, is there any real hope of significant gains to be unleashed by the aftermarket?

For me this is an important issue as I do not feel that this car is going to be competitive in a straight line against the next gen C63 AMG, the Cadillacs, or even the Mustang in the power department. I don't think this car shed enough weight to make 430hp acceptable.

Tuning potential on a turbo engine is alluring, so much easier than on a NA...

Agree with other posters on BMW probably making the ECU pretty much very hard to break in to with software mods. Expect piggybacks from Hartge, AC Schnitzer etc to give a 480-500hp tune pretty soon after release of the car.

And remember that the 18,9PSI will only be seen under "worst case scenario" conditions, i.e high temperatures at high altitude with high humidity or similar. BMW wants to make sure that the S55 makes the announced HP under every circumstance and has said that boost will be adjusted according to conditions.

This means that under ideal circumstances you will NOT see 18,9PSI of boost. Which also means that if you did have 18,9PSI of boost under ideal conditions, the engine will make considerably more than 430hp. So if the turbos are big enough to flow enough air at 18,9PSI under high temeprature/low air density conditions, they should be large enough for a lot more than 430hp at sea level and normal temperatures (if you can trick them into making the same boost then - which is where the tunes come into play ).