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Originally Posted by JeffM-Houston View Post
I just completed my first Autocross in the new car, and plan on 10-12 a year between the local SCCA and BMWCCA.

That's really good. how often do you plan on buying new tires?
Probably every 4-6 months if I keep using my DD tires, but I am seriously looking at getting a dedicated set of tires and wheels. The PSS are great for the street but there are a couple of tires that may be a little better for autocross.

I had posted a quick review after the 1200 mile service and 1st autocross, here's the relevant section, overall I think this is an exceptionally easy car to drive reasonably quickly:

[QUOTE]I ran the BMWCCA autocross today with results that I am very happy with, I think it was eight M3's in D class and one M Coupe who was the 2013 D Class champ, mostly running on dedicated autocross tires. I wound up 4th out of 9 but only .1s behind the M Coupe, .4s behind the instructor (E92) I had and .74s down from the 1st place car (modified E46). Mine was the only F8x chassis. I was running on the standard PSS tires, I set the air pressure to 37/40 f/r cold and didn't mess with it all day. There are a few 10th's to be made up just in air pressure, I wasn't getting onto the shoulder of the rears at all so was losing some grip capability there. I seemed to be getting the right amount of rollover on the fronts so next time I'll probably try 37/37 and see how that works out. I also ran the DCT in manual but only had one upshift to 2nd at the end of the first straight then left it there the rest of the run.

I ran everything in sport mode and M dynamic, and could still feel the traction control kicking in when trying to accelerate out of some of the slow corners, next month I'll probably make a couple of runs with all the e-nannies turned off. My main problem, I just didn't realize how good the standard brakes are on the car and was braking way to early. But overall since I am transitioning from a 150 hp FWD car with drum rear brakes I was pretty pleased, each run was a little faster. My final run was the fastest at 46.385 for reference. [QUOTE]

For next month I am going to lower the rear pressure to 37 to start, the fronts actually look like they were getting on the shoulders just the right amount so I'll leave them at 37. Even in dynamic setting the traction control is still too invasive. I could get the tires to make some sounds turning but acceleration was definitely hobbled until I built up enough speed to keep the tires from slipping, it would not let me spin the tires at all under straight acceleration. The brakes are much better than I thought they would be with the factory pads, and I believe getting used to how good they are will reduce the times the most.

To be honest I think they will have to bump the F8x cars to E class next year. I feel certain any of the good drivers could have beat my times by a second or more, perhaps a lot more. And even with a mediocre driver like me I know several places where I could have made up a few tenths just in acceleration. My time would also have been 3rd in E class, so if they bump it to E I feel it will still be very competitive.