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Added: How To Activate Launch Control:

Originally Posted by Sir Loin View Post

On F8x, launch control is only activated after the 1,200 miles service.

Set DSC full off, fastest shift program, left foot on brake, then, you HAVE to floor it to get the RPM to hold at 3,000. Floor it as in stomp on the gas pedal to the floor as fast as you can. If you did it right, you will see "Launch Control Active" and a checkered flag icon on the instrument cluster.

If you floor it, the car doesn't move, RPM is held at 3K, and you can use the cruise control flipper switch to adjust the launch RPM +- 500 RPM. If you release the brake, it launches.

The problem with this procedure is that you have to go through the beginning range of throttle input before you get to WOT. If you don't just floor it and "gently" press down the throttle, the car lurches but being held by the brakes.

Also, you don't actually have to drive 6 miles in between launches as the user manual says. You just need to drive about a mile to have to able to launch again, if the engine and transmission temp are within the safe range.
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