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Mechanics of hee/toe is not difficult, what takes practice is the timing. You can practice heel/toe mechanics while the car is turned off, we have electronic throttles, so its not like the old days where pressing the gas pedal actually squirts gas into the carburator

Just try it with car turned off, imagining you are going on a straight at full throttle, approaching the brake zone, then brake, clutch in, H/T blip throttle, shift down and clutch out. Once you get comfortable with car turned off with this sequence, try a little on the street, but you cannot get it right until you practice on the track; timing and amount braking and bliping are different.

I can tell you that with students where I used this car-off technique first in the paddock, they started doing H/T within a single session. They don't get the timing right immediately, but that takes practice few more sessions.
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