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Originally Posted by (((myzmak))) View Post
So this happened.

The town where the team was based is about an hour east of where I grew up so it hits literally quite close to home. But, in terms of national news, this is a huge/devastating story in Canada right now. I expect everyone on this thread knows the drill, but given the size of this country (meaning a 'close' drive is 3 hours away) and the number of kids here who play sports like hockey for whom traveling long distance for games is part of the routine, this is every parent's worst nightmare. This is just.....shitty.

(these kids play Junior A hockey, so they are late teens (16-17 ish). It is a step below a Major Junior league (which would be the last level before a pro league). Some of these kids likely could have gone on to play in the NHL.)
Things like that stops the hearts of parents everywhere. I'm very sorry you all are going through that.
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