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Macht Schnell EVC no longer working after deleting all personal data

Little bit of background info. I installed the Macht Schnell EVC in november 2015 and it has been working fince since then.

Yesterday evening I got OCD because under iDrive my profile is the 2nd item in the list and the only reason to 'move' this profile to the first position, is a) exporting the profile to USB, then b) delete all personal data and c) import the profile from USB.

On the iDrive you get a warning in German (in my case) after step b) letting you know that you need to lock the car and wait for 15 minutes which I did. I imported the profile from USB (step c) after 15 minutes.

When I started the car and pressed M1 (Efficient engine characteristics in my case) I immediately noticed that my Ehaust Flaps were closed. Normally by pressing and holding the 'BC' button on the steering wheel I can control the exhaust flaps but since yesterday evening this no longer works. This cannot be a coincidence and I am pretty sure that it is related because I am constantly switching between closing / opening the exhaust flaps, this is the reason why I immediately noticed that it no longer works.

Anyone encountered the same before?