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Originally Posted by GeeTea3 View Post
I experienced that last week. Per the automated line and MyGarage, my car is at the port waiting to get on a ship. Does anyone know if the website tells you which ship, or do you need to find that information another way?

BMW's site updated on thursday saying my car was at port, so being that the site is a day or two behind, it's been at port for say a week now (as expected)

I've seen 3 ships come and go from port since friday (yes i know, i have issues) i think my car is already on a ship, it just hasn't updated.

BMW's site will not have the name of the ship. Your Salesman will. Since BMW genius is no longer a live person that can assist with this, i'm not sure if the automated line can tell you which ship its on.

After you get the name of the ship, then you can search the vessel website with your VIN, afaik.