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Originally Posted by jailonacs99 View Post
Just to confirm, my car does all that too, but the one thing I can't is selecting songs with the steering wheel control. I can scroll, but if I try to select, nothing happens or if I double click it replays the current song. Only dash controls work.

You don't have those issues? Model year?
This is the same for me. I can see playlist in HUD and scroll through it but cannot change songs using either thumb wheel or iDrive controller. I figured out today I can use the arrows next to the #8 key in the dash to play next or previous songs but that’s about it. iPhone 11 with 11.1.2. MB-006.017.006. 2018 F83.

I tried to update iDrive with USB and get “Software on USB device incompatible with this vehicle.” (Even though I entered my VIN and downloaded what BMW provided.). The update downloaded was UPD09042.
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