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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
Just curious. Why does it matter if it's a US or Brit thread? All of these "products" are coming from China anyway. It's not like you guys have different F8x cars. If it fits a US car it's gonna fit a Brit car.

Just wanted to add I found a wallet I like from a Brit company (Nodus) and I'm gonna order it. It's not like I'm looking for an "American" version. Either way Good Luck.
You have we have different shipping etc. I work in Iraq and get home for 3 weeks at a time 3 times a year, I prefer to buy from UK sellers so it’s not sat outside my house for weeks on end, I buy everything just before I get back, China postage is a tadge hit and miss. Let me know about the wallet, I’m visiting the states in Dec, I’ll bring it with me.

Thanks for your thoughts though.
Gotcha. Makes sense. I ordered direct from AliExpress but it's hit or miss when they will ship out the items so you will still be in the same situation with the parts sitting in front of your house.

Good luck man.
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