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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
Címon are we really going to debate if it was an overwhelmingly good thing or not?
Minn - you and I typically can have honest debates here - I am not sure why you are digging your heels in on this one. Please see bullet points below:

1) I stated in my post that it certainly had a net benefit.

2) Millions of citizens were also negatively impacted though. Many small businesses went bankrupt, tens of thousands had the fed govt seize their property, and many other issues arose. It is an overall win for the country as a whole, but their are many who would rightfully disagree, since it negatively impacted them.

3) Just because something the government does ends up positive, doesn't make it right. A perfect example would be the invasion of Iraq. Was it a win that Hussein was eliminated? You bet! Was the US Military allowed by the constitution to invade Iraq and instigate a war without congressional approval? Nope. There are many more examples.
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