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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I completely disagree. Each absolutely have a need of existing on a federal level, however I am sure some could be scaled down. Each of these departments has an affect on every state, thereby 100% of the country as you mentioned. Having so many major programs and infrastructure left up to each individual state leaves a very fractured system for the country as a whole.

It seems (and maybe I am reaching here) that is absolutely what some people want, having each state completely independent other than national defense which would allow some states to become significantly stronger than others. If that is what the population really wants, why bother having "united states" under the banner of one nation, and instead have independent "nation states" with a military alliance similar to that of NATO?
Disagree all you want - I don't particularly care. Bottom line is that these bloated departments are vast wastelands of inefficiency and have no basis in constitutional doctrine. Go ahead - show me specifically where the constitution grants the Federal Government the right to dictate how a family in rural Kansas gets to educate their child. I'll wait.

The constitution doesn't really care 'what the population really wants' - if they really wanted it - they would have amended the constitution.

This country doesn't get to be something because you feel it should be. It is what it is because the founding fathers determined it to be as such. We have a document that can be amended should the will of the people deem it need to be changed. You don't get to just randomly do stuff because it feels good.

The fact that we let the government do this time and time again will be our ultimate demise. I mean this with respect to increasing the size and scope of government, to warrant-less wiretaps and seizures without due process to invasion of countries without express permission from congress. Both sides of the isle are terrible at this.
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