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Originally Posted by bjarne View Post
I installed an NBT (non-EVO) upgrade to my 2006 E90 a couple of years ago, and I am considering updating it with an NBT EVO. I have a couple of questions:
1. Can I use my current NBT screen with the EVO (obviously no touch screen) ?
2. I have the iDrive touch controller, can it be used for pointing in the display?
3. Ideally I would only replace the NBT itself and the retrofit adapter. Am I missing something obvious.
Thanks, Bjarne
1) it needs to coded and a voltage adapter, like this.

2) Depends on where you version and where it's connected. Early NBT used K-CAN for touch controller connection and was switched to K-CAN2 when touch was introduced. If you actually have a touch controller, it should be ok.

3) I suspect your combox/connected drive isn't working, but if it is, it will not work with the NBT EVO retrofit. That needs an ATM unit. In theory, besides the combox, NBT-EVO unit and retrofit adapter would most likely be everything, but as you are doing a retrofit of a retrofit, there might be some unexpected issue.

See here if you want Connected Drive:

Used BMW ATM unregistered for NBT EVO Retrofit Connected Drive