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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
Um what? You've totally lost me, I am FAR from what I could consider "good" and I placed 42 out of 123 at the last autocross I attended. Among those who had slower times where 911 (including a Turbo), Lamborghini, GTRs, Boxsters, Mustangs, Corvettes, Challengers. I honestly think you are jaded for a reason that you probably think is a good one, but your opinion doesn't reflect reality is much as you think.

At Streets of Willow just last month I was getting point-by's from Mustangs, Corvettes and EVO's in the intermediate group. My M3 CS is stock with PS4S's.

BTW my first car was an E21 320i and while it was fun to drive, it was slow.
Lol. 42 out of 123 isn’t something to write home about, IMO. That’s like saying “hey mom I finish slightly above AVERAGE! In my high HP, top of the line BMW!”

There’s a lot to be said about how a faster driver in a faster car will net faster results. Just because you’re getting point-bus from inferior drivers in faster cars, doesn’t make your M3 CS a better car.

In fact, I can cite anecdotal evidence all day long about how I was passing significantly faster and better cars on track in my MZ4 Coupe, doesn’t change the fact that first session out in a Corvette C7 Grand Sport I was doing laps 7 seconds per lap faster. And no matter how much I LOVE the MZ4 Coupe, it cant compete with 200 more ft-lbs on a 13 year newer chassis with magic double wishbone suspension and 50mm wider semi street legal “slicks.”

It ALSO doesn’t change the fact that in 2006-2008 (when my MZ4 Coupe was born) the M3 of the day could hang with the Corvettes of its day and then some...But nothing in the BMW lineup today can go toe to toe with today’s Corvette. Or Camaro ZL1. Or Crapstang GTxxx.

And I don’t even have to mention those prancing ponies from Stuttgart.
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