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Brandon@EAS Terrible Customer Service

I Purchased 4 items from EAS, one of which was IND 1x1 Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps. The rest of the items were all fairly generic and could be bought from many other vendors (IND painted side grill, IND Carbon wrapped side marker and ///M valve stem caps), but I went through EAS because they had the mirror caps on their website and I was unable to find this item anywhere else.

After placing my order I hear absolutely nothing until a package from IND arrives at my door. It has their painted grills and the carbon side marker, but nothing else. I called to ask about the missing items and spoke to Kevin who was very nice and polite, and after a brief hold he informed me that this product is no longer offered, but my valve stem caps would go out shortly. He then told me a man named Brandon handles online orders and he would get back to me regarding my refund.

Once again, I hear nothing. I called and Kevin answered again, he informed me of how EAS handles refunds and set a time expectation, once again Kevin is great. I then asked if he could have Brandon research the difference in shipping and handling as well.

A couple days pass and I receive an email showing a refund for the price of the mirrors, but no shipping and handling. I then emailed Brandon looking for some answers and was told that, "due to two separate shipments (one from us, and one from IND) the shipping was not included in your refund."

So, EAS decided that because they didn't actually stock the items on their website and utilized drop shipping that I was now responsible for the increase in shipping costs. I went as far as assembling the order again to prove that I can order the same 3 items with a cheaper shipping and handling price. No response. I sent several emails and voicemails and got 0 response to any of them.

Now, I recognize that this is a small dollar amount (about 7 bucks), but the customer service from Brandon at EAS is terrible any way you look at it.

I won't be using them for anything in the future and I wanted to make sure other forum members knew how little they actually care about their customers.