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Thanks for the link- I'm not sure I understand the 3rd part conclusions.

To me, the m3 clearly punches above its weight class, though the oldest car in the lot, it is the lightest, and has the best tranny, and is the most fairly priced, and performs at or above others with much much more hp/torque, bigger engines, r compound tires, etc.

The track is clearly where the engine, tranny, suspension, etc must work together to become larger than the sum of its parts. I think it is the essence of what an M3 is and has always been, a trackable sports sedan, a jack of all trades.

As far as the engine, there is a lot of character to me. There is massive torque if you wish it, it pulls almost to the full redline at 7.5k which is crazy high for a turbo engine. I've had a lot of v8's and to me, this 6 has been very rewarding to drive, more character than the 4.4 on the x5m. Granted the sound sucks, but I am fine with that.

M division has kept to its values, imho.
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