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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
I had both an N54 and an N55 car, they are both very good engines but the S65 blows them into orbit IMO. Still I'm looking very much forward to the F80 but it has nothing to do with the change of engine. It will be fun to see what they have cocked up and I'm certain it will be awesome but the S65 is extraordinary and very,very special IMO. We will never again see such an engine outside exotics.
I agree that there is also something appealing about a high reving V8 and its simple design versus the more complex, and probably less reliable turbo charged I6. However, I like the idea of better efficiency and quick response of the smaller displacement( less weight helps handling too). But, I am still not completely comfortable with how long a turbo charged engine will last before it has problems and needs repairs. I am hoping to keep my next M car for a while. :-)
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