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5-6 years later. My 2017 F80 delivery will be August . I6 Twin Turbo.
Thank God! The i6 platform has many advantages over a V6 platform and I'm glad BMW realized this and I hope they never go the V6 route. At this point, I seriously doubt it. The I6 is just too good.
My guess is that this was more about BMW parenting and patenting the "hot vee" turbo engine layout than actually considering a V6 for own useage.

After all since they made the first hot vee V8 turbo engine it made sense to also patent a V6 layout as well. Especially since competitors have started using the hot vee layout as well (Audi and MB).

This (6 year old thread) is simply an addition to the previous Forced Induction Hot V motors and has to do with the routing of exhaust gasses and other components in specific configurations. BMW was not the first to do a Hot V or even TC Hot V. What they did design that was completely new was the cross bank exhaust manifold feeding the turbos equally through 360' of firing.

This is just protection of intellectual property and not an indication of future use in a BMW.
IIRC the Gurney Weslake was a hot vee engine. But who did a hot vee turbocharged engine before BMW?
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