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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
I am not understanding why people care either way whether its a turbo I 6 or V6 engine. To be honest I am willing to bet almost nobody would be able to tell a difference if they did not know which configuration it was just by driving it.

The main dilemma for people is preferring a NA engine over a FI. However once you go FI, it really does not matter if its inline or V with turbos. Both will have the exact same feel with the V6 likely being more smooth with less lag given its configuration being condusive to bmw's current turbo setup on the m5.
V6's are inherently unbalance---needing balancers...they are course and rough...there probably is a good reason why Nissan probably will be using Merc's 3.5 liter V6's, due their issues with the VQ V6 (which are the best sounding V6's).

I6's are far more smoother---there is a reason why BMW, Merc, stuck with them for a long while. And why Nissan's RB series I6's and Toyota's I6's are damn near legendary for their smoothness and Hulk like strength.

I guess the real argument for the V6 is the configuration is more compact than a I6, and they can just shave the first 2 cylinders off of the V8 for a cheaper engine.